2017 Conference Presentations

Presentations at the 2017

Michigan Forest Bioeconomy Conference

General Session – February 1st, 2017

Welcome address from Senator Debbie Stabenow (video)

(Youtube link to video)

Introduction from Terry Sharik, Michigan Technological University

Keynote speakers

Trevor Stuthridge, FPInnovations

Jim Bowyer, Dovetail Partners

Additional General session speakers

Mark Rudnicki, MIFBI

Archie Landreman, Woodworks

Sandy Marshall (did not present but talk is here)

David DeYoe, MIFBI

Jim Bowyer, Dovetail Partners

Breakout Session Presentations, February 1st

Wood Innovation

Ray Miller, Michigan State University

Jake Elston, Arauco

David Neumann, Michigan Department of Natural Resources

Mass Timber Buildings

Brian Brashaw, USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory

Bob Ross, USDA Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory

George Berghorn, Michigan State University

Wood Recycling

Kerrin O’Brien, Michigan Recycling Coalition

Jessica Simons, Verdant Stewardship

Jeremy Haines, Reclaim Detroit

Breakout session presentations, February 2nd

Wood Innovation

Faye Johnson, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Donna LaCourt, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

David Shonnard, Michigan Technological University

Tom Noland, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (retired)

Christopher Saffron, Michigan State University

Alper Kiziltas, Ford Motor Company

Mass Timber Buildings

Jim Smith, American Wood Council

Keith Lambert, Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs

Brain Craig, Ferris State University

Ben Brungraber, Fire Tower Engineering

Archie Landreman, Woodworks

Geoffery Thün, University of Michigan

Wood Recycling

George Berghorn, Michigan State University

Stephen Carlson, Western Michigan Shoreline Regional Development Commission

Adam Pringle, Michigan Technological University

Darwin Baas, Kent County

Norman Christopher, Grand Valley State University