Second Forest Bioeconomy Presentations

Day 1


Keynote Speaker

Mary Draves, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, Dow

Plenary Session

Alper Kiziltas – Research Scientist, Sustainable Biomaterials and Plastic Research Group, Ford Motor Company

Dave Meyer – Senior Business Development Manager, LanzaTech

Breakout Sessions

Creative Design

Ash Arder – Artist, University of Rochester

Wood Conversion

Mojgan Nejad, Michigan State University – Lignin: The Brown Gold of Bioeconomy Era

Wood Energy

Supply Chain

Green Chemistry

Non-Timber Forest Products

Gerald Jondreau, Michigan Technological University – Anishinaabeg Stories of Place and Consideration for a Holistically Sustainable Bioeconomy

Day 2

Keynote Speaker

Breakout Sessions

Mass Timber


Circular Economy

Closing Plenary Session

Jack Shinderle, Michigan DEQ – From End of Pipe to Circular Economy