For business and innovation to flourish in Michigan, a clear and stable policy atmosphere is needed by a wide variety of stakeholders in forest products.

A MiFBI strategy for policy coordination was first outlined in February of 2015. Briefly, MiFBI intends to bring together stakeholders to discuss/coordinate policy synthesis for eventual recommendation to state policy makers. MiFBI will create or act as the “umbrella” organization needed to develop policy recommendations from common concerns that can receive broad support in Lansing. Advancement of these policy recommendations will be left to the member stakeholders who have lobbyists and are able to communicate directly with policy makers.

Besides reflecting the common concerns of the member stakeholders, MiFBI will urge members to consider how community-based quality of life is served by the recommendations. MiFBI policy recommendations should therefore seek to promote forest-based products and economies that foster enduring and desirable communities across the state of Michigan.

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