Board Position Description

MIFBI Board Position Description Guidelines

Purpose: To act as a voting member of the board with full authority and responsibility to develop policies for the operation of the organization; to monitor the organization’s financial health, programs and overall performance; and to provide the chief executive officer the resources needed to serve the organization’s constituencies.

The Full Board’s Responsibilities:

  • Hire and evaluate the executive director
  • Secure adequate funding for the organization
  • Awareness of MIFBI financial health and insure financial solvency of MIFBI
  • Insure MIFBI policies and actions follow the rule of law
  • Create and update a long-range plan for the organization
  • Select and support the organization’s board officers
  • Adopt key operating policies; approve contracts as appropriate

Individual board Member Duties:

  • Attend board meetings regularly – prepared and informed about agenda issues
  • Become knowledgeable about the organization
  • Contribute to meetings by expressing a point of view
  • Consider other points of view, make constructive suggestions and help the board make decisions that benefit the organizations constituencies and further the MIFBI mission.
  • Have a familiarity with MiFBI bylaws and internal policies.
  • Serve on at least one committee
  • Represent MIFBI to individuals, the public and other organization in a positive and professional manner
  • Support the organization through attendance at special events and activities and through meaningful contributions
  • Assume board leadership roles when asked
  • Keep the executive director informed
  • Maintain confidentiality of board discussion

Board members set corporate policies and goals and delegate authority to the executive director to implement such policies and goals in the day-to-day management of MIFBI. Individual members of the board, however, have no authority to act independently of the full board on policy issues. Board members who abuse their position this way may be disciplined or censured. Board members approve an annual budget that ensures it can meet its financial needs. In addition, board members monitor the overall financial health of MIFBI by reviewing annual reports of an auditor recommended by the executive director. The Executive Director retains responsibility for day-to-day operational expenditures.

Individual board members should attend all board meetings and actively participate in them and serve of committees and /or as board officers. Board members have the responsibility to know and fulfill their role in the organization and act in the best interest of its constituencies and further the MIFBI mission.