Below are the historical highlights of MiFBI. However, it should not be lost to history the resolved leadership provided by Dr. Terry Sharik, the Dean of the School of Forest Resources at Michigan Tech. Dr. Sharik’s instigation of the efforts that became MiFBI was motivated by a deep caring for the future of Michigan’s forests, communities and Michigan’s need to achieve the highest and best use of materials extracted from the forest.

Paramount to the existence and success of MiFBI are the contributions of many organizations and many hundreds of people who have a stake in our forests and the future of Michigan who came together and contributed to the development and vision of MiFBI. In particular are the founding members of the board of directors, who all volunteered a tremendous amount of time and resources to join many conference calls and out of town meetings to carry on the effort that was kicked off in Traverse city in 2013.

MiFBI still faces tremendous challenges to achieve its ambitions goals and vision, and continues to trust the dedication of those who contribute and strive to improve the quality of life in Michigan.

05-19-2016: MiFBI is established as a non-profit corporation 501(c)(3).

10-21-2015: MiFBI Executive Director Mark Rudnicki, provides testimony to the Michigan Senate Natural Resources Policy committee on the REFORGE Michigan proposal.

06-29-2015: Meeting of 8 higher education institutions regarding Michigan forest biomaterials initiative

05-28-2015: Meeting of MiFBI Strategic Planning Committee

03-12-2015: MiFBI Board Creates “REFORGE Michigan” as a program to fund and conduct industry prioritized Research and Development.

02-19-2015: MiFBI Workshop on Policy aspects of the strategic plan
10-30-2014: MI Biomaterials Initiative Organizational Model Development Workshop
-Recommendation to add “Forest” to Name of Michigan Biomaterials Initiative
-Formation of Interim Board of Directors

09-04-2014: Michigan State University Hosts Strategic Planning Meeting for Michigan Biomaterials Initiative
03-26-2014: First Meeting of MI Biomaterials Initiative Steering Committee

10-03-2013: First Michigan Biomaterials Initiative Conference

04-23-2013: Governor’s Forest Products Summit
04-18-2013: School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science Advisory Board encourages Michigan Tech Biomaterials Initiative and Recommends State-Wide Effort

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